So Solid Crew are an English garage, grime and hip hop group originating from Battersea, London which achieved wide success in the early 2000s.

So Solid burst onto the UK garage scene at the turn of the century. With 19 original members, the crew made a name for themselves on pirate radio before making it big in the public sphere with their hit single 21 seconds. Leading members Romeo and MC Harvey have enjoyed respective successful careers in music, film, and TV – we’re looking forward to welcoming the pair back to the stage in Brixton to revisit some of their hits.

Before breaking into the mainstream market, So Solid Crew were involved with many pirate radio stations in London, such as Supreme FM and Delight FM. It was at Delight where they made their name, occupying most of the Sunday schedule, the so-called “So Solid Sundays”. From around lunchtime until 10pm, there were shows from different members, where the various So Solid Crew DJs would play 2-step garage tracks. At times, the So Solid Crew emcees would rap on top of tracks for up to two hours each session. On Christmas Day in 2001, So Solid Crew performed their last Sunday show on the station.