Having spawned a music blog, record label and monthly night in east London The House of Disco’s mission is to promote and play the best in emerging and classic disco and house that needs to be known.

Born in Ireland, living in the Uk the House of Disco’s founder David Magnier has been fine tuning the art of putting smiles on people faces since he was a tadpole. It’s no surprise that this character trait eventually led him to Disco and House, the two genres of modern music most brimming with authentic joy.
The House of Disco began as David annoying his friends on facebook with a post everyday about a classic Disco track he’d found that day while pretending to work. Frustrated with the transient nature of these posts David set up a framework to centralise them all so he could easily search them for when he played gigs, the blog was born.
So the obsession began and he delved deeper and deeper into the genre. Through classic into the more underground realms of Disco House and Slo-mo grooves. Enthused by the feedback the site was receiving and the joy it was generating as a resource the label was born and the rest is still unwritten. The label has received glowing support from Tensnake, Mark E, Art of Tones, Jacques Renault, OOFT!, Resident Advisor, Feel My Bicep, 6th Borough Project and Lewie Day to name a few.