The electronic duo at the forefront of current British dance music.

Informed more than ever by a plethora of largely undiluted underground influences, the current wave of British pop is in its healthiest condition for years. The likes of Rudimental, Disclosure and London Grammar have used specialist sub-genres as the starting blocks from which to make huge zeitgeist-defining pop records – in the process, providing compelling evidence that pop is no longer the dirty word that it once was.

Another vital contributing factor to the trend is the ease of access to technology. Rewind just a few years and aspiring musicians would need to fork out for a range of instruments and extensive studio time just to create a basic demo. Now a wannabe producer can craft huge ideas from nothing more than a laptop and some cracked software.

Similarly, whereas geographical factors have been of vital importance in the past, now they border on being entirely irrelevant. And these three concepts all feed into the story of electronic duo BLONDE.

Like so many others, Leeds-based student Jacob Manson was looking for an outlet for his production work which he created under the pseudonym Thieves. He drew up a list of likeminded blogs to approach and ultimately picked Eton Messy, a YouTube channel which existed to promote new electronic music in all of its guises – now it’s a mini-empire which also encompasses events and a label imprint as well as almost 250,000 subscribers. “That’s the one that I liked the vibe of the most,” he recalls. “But I didn’t really expect to get a response.”